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Silky Scarves

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year!  I love the crispness in the air, the smell of people starting to use their fireplaces, and of course fall fashion!  Nothing is better than throwing on a scarf, a light jacket, or a cozy sweater!  I must say, a good scarf is absolutely my favorite!  If DC didn’t get so damn hot in the summer, I would live in scarves year round.  So obviously this is an exciting time of year for me and it was made even more exciting by this gorgeous Echo Design scarf!  I love a bold scarf and this silk scarf is the definition of bold luxury that can literally be worn with everything!  I am obsessed with the bright colors and truly believe that a scarf is not only practical, but also an integral part of each ensemble and must be treated as such!  When donning a scarf make sure that it elevates your look, play with fabrics (I am loving that this scarf is silk, especially because it is so comfortable, lush and versatile), textures, sizes, and of course colors.  So how will you be rocking scarves this season?

fall brights

Scarf: c/o Echo Design (found here), Jacket: Georgie (similar here), Blouse: J. Crew (found here), Pants: J. Brand (similar here), Boots: Cole Haan (found here)

Echo Design Scarf

All smiles in this luxuriously beautiful Echo Design silk scarf

Silk Scarf

The colorful pattern increases the scarf’s wearability.

Echo Design

This is a pretty straight forward look that is really all about the scarf. I always say accessories change everything!

Silk Scarf

While this scarf was a gift from Echo Design (thank you, Echo Design), all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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How to Rock a Head Scarf

Wondering how to spice up your summer wardrobe?  I have the easiest solution for you….the head scarf!  Accessories are not only an essential finishing touch, they are also the easiest way to transform any look.  Head scarves are wonderful because they can help tame any hair do while adding boldness to the ensemble.  I have very thick unruly hair so anything to help me control it in the humid summer heat is my friend.  When picking a head scarf go for bold colors and prints and allow it to be the statement piece of your outfit. Embrace, experiment and tell me how you are going to rock a head scarf this summer!

head scarf

Let a vibrant head scarf liven up any look

Photo courtesy of Miss Zeit

head scarf

Embrace the inner hippie

Photo courtesy of Elfsacks

head scarf

The formal head scarf

Photo courtesy of Luxury Shoppers

head scarf

Perfect poolside accessory!

Photo courtesy of We Heart It

Picnic Perfect

Picnic Perfect

Photo courtesy of Lovethispic

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne flawless & effortless in a head scarf

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Summer Head Scarf

I am slightly obsessed with scarves!  It is actually kind of shocking that this is my first post dedicated to them.  I live in scarves in the Fall, Winter and Spring but have had a hard time incorporating them into my ensembles in the stifling summer heat until now.  The easy and perfect for summer solution: the head scarf!  Why I have not embraced the head scarf sooner I do not know.  There are so many ways to rock a head scarf allowing you to elevate your look to a whole new level.  The gorgeous scarf featured in today’s post that inspired me to experiment and ultimately embrace the head scarf was a gift from none other than Tadashi Shoji.  Not only was my interview with him life changing, this gift was as well.  The head scarf adds vibrance to any outfit making it the perfect finishing touch!  As I plan to incorporate this into as many looks as possible, I highly recommend you experiment and find the wrap that suits you best!

Head Scarf

Scarf: c/o Tadashi Shoji (found here), Sunglasses: Ray Ban (found here)


Romper: Hive & Honey (found here), Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita (found here)

Summer Scarf

There are so many interesting ways to tie a head scarf! The possibilities are endless!

Head Scarf

When picking a scarf go with a vibrant color or pattern!


It’s no secret that I love a good romper! I have been living in this one all summer!

Denim Jumper


Tadashi Shoji

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Oversized Sweater: The Winter Uniform

This winter I am living in my super cozy oversized sweaters.  The secret to finding the perfect oversized sweater is gender bending and shopping in the men’s department.  As you’ve seen from previous posts, I am a huge proponent of menswear for women.  Oversized doesn’t mean overpowering, which is something you must keep in mind when shopping in the men’s department.  The key to successfully pulling off men’s clothing is proportion and respecting your body.  I tend to pair oversized with tight allowing you to still show off your figure, while also emphasizing the oversized article.  When shopping for your oversized garment remember that the piece must be large enough to achieve the desired effect, but not so large that you drown in it.  Keep in mind you don’t have to buy a men’s sweater to find oversized, but it is my go to.  So please embrace my winter uniform and get cozy and fabulous at the same time, who ever thought those two words would be in the same sentence.

Sweater: J. Crew, last season (similar found here), Pants: Tripp NYC (found here), Scarf: Zara (found here), Boots: J. Crew, old (similar found here), Bag: Alexander Wang (found here)

Sweater: J. Crew, last season (similar found here and here), Pants: Tripp NYC (found here), Scarf: Zara (similar found here), Boots: J. Crew, old (similar found here), Bag: Alexander Wang (found here)

Another key to beating the chilly winds are oversized scarves.

Another key to beating the chilly winds are oversized scarves.

Proportion is crucial when wearing menswear.

Pairing the white sweater with a printed camo pant brings a little more excitement to the ensemble.

Caught in the wind mid spin.

Caught in the wind mid spin.

My new fav, you will be seeing a lot of this bag!

My new fav, you will be seeing a lot of this bag!

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Holiday Gift Guide

Day Thirteen of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Staci (costume designer)

Staci is one of my most creative and driven people I know.  The first modeling I ever did was for Staci’s look book for one of her design classes in college and wow was I bad, luckily Staci’s clothes were so fabulous you didn’t notice the awkward model in them. (To clarify the second modeling I did was for my blog–few improvements have been made).  Staci is currently the Assistant Costume Designer on the star studded “Winter’s Tale” and before that was the Assistant Costume Designer for Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah.”  She has also worked on “Men in Black 3,” “Mildred Pierce,” “American Gangster,” and worked side by side with Academy Award winner Janty Yates.  Staci’s talent and innovation help give insight into the characters she dresses.


Found here

Found here

Subscription to a wine club.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving and there are different selections depending upon your taste.

I absolutely love this idea and have actually given it as a wedding gift before.  Perfect for wine connoisseurs, really anyone who enjoys wine or people that do a lot of hosting.

Found here

Found here

Tsovet QS Men’s Watch.  I love accessories that are inspired by menswear, especially pieces inspired by classic menswear, which is always sexy on a woman.  I am drawn to the combination of the cognac leather band with the contrasting stitching and the graphite face of the watch.  Additionally, it’s oversized and I love that the stones add a touch of femininity and refinement.  Not to mention it’s waterproof!  In an industry like mine, which is more nitty gritty than glamorous, function meeting fashion makes this a great find for me.

Staci is a girl after my own heart–I love androgynous clothing and oversized accessories!  This watch is gender neutral and would be perfect for a parent, significant other or sibling.


Found here

Found here

Emerald Glass Desk Set.  I love getting gifts for people that they likely wouldn’t buy themselves.  If it’s a matter of practicality over want, I’ll go with “want” every time, this one just happens to be both.

Such beautiful, classic and practical pieces.  My dad actively uses a magnifying glass as his vision fades making this a wonderful gift for him.  Perfect for a co-worker, friend, parent, significant other, in law, or aunt/uncle.

Found here

Found here

Faliero Sarti Mory Scarf.  This subtly metallic scarf feels festive and perfectly seasonal for the holiday.

Scarves are one of my go to presents! I have a million scarves and I still feel like I don’t have enough!  They can elevate and outfit to a new level and of course keep you warm.  Scarves are wonderful and thoughtful gender neutral presents.  Check out this men’s scarf, that would also looking amazing on a woman.  Scarves are also a great present because you can find them at different price points.  Perfect for a friend, parent, aunt/uncle, in law, sibling, roommate, co-worker, or significant other.

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Autumn Inspiration

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year.  I love when the air turns crisp, the leaves start to change, and all you need is a light jacket to stay warm.  Acting as a staple and statement with each wear, finding the perfect fall jacket is crucial to rounding out your wardrobe and this year is no different than any other.  My go to this fall is J. Crew’s utility jacket.  It is the perfect transition weight and the army green almost acts as a neutral color allowing it to easily be paired with a broad range of colors, patterns and textures.  I have no doubt that this jacket will be in everyone’s closet this fall!
This post also features my fall uniform, which is a men’s oversized shirt, leggings (and yes I am wearing them as pants, *gasp*), boots, an oversized scarf, and obvs my item jacket (which will be replaced by my leather coat as it gets chillier).  While I wear everything featured in my blog in real life (multiple times, paired with different pieces depending on my mood) this look more so than any other is the truest reflection of me.  

Jacket: J. Crew (found here), Pants: Ann Taylor Loft (old, similar found here), Shirt: Simon Spurr (last season, similar found here), Scarf: Zara (old, similar found here), Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (last season, similar found here), Bag: Michael Kors (last season, similar found here)

Mixing patterns is tricky, but on trend, so an easy way to experiment is with a patterned scarf

One of the reasons I love this jacket so much is because of the gold finishing, which is accentuated by gold jewelry.

A good boot is crucial to surviving fall and winter! I love these because they add edge to any look, but the loose wrap differentiates them from the classic motorcycle boot.

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