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Oversized Sweater: The Winter Uniform

Don’t let this warm week trick you!  It is still winter and we are in store for another cold front (hopefully the warmth will last through the Inauguration though).  So my solution to braving the chilly winter winds is the oversized sweater.  If you haven’t embraced it already, it is time!  Remember the cozier the better, but always keep your frame in mind.  Regardless of the size, the sweater should always be flattering.  And if you don’t want to invest in this super cozy garment, which I highly suggest you do, you can always borrow or steal one from a boyfriend, friend, brother, hubby or any man in your life.

You can't go wrong with super skinny pants and an extra oversized top!  I'm also loving the flat pointed boots and Lennon glasses.

You can’t go wrong with super skinny pants and an extra oversized top! I’m also loving the pointed boots and Lennon glasses.

Photo courtesy of theyallhateus

Nothing like a little color to brighten your day!

Nothing like a little color to brighten your day!

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

Love the pewter pleats and the unexpected pairing that is executed perfectly!

Love the pewter pleats and the unexpected pairing that is executed perfectly!

Photo courtesy of carolinesmode

Super cozy and fashion forward, this wide brimmed hat helps elevate the look.

Super cozy and fashion forward, this wide brimmed hat helps elevate the look.

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Obsessed with the monochromatic fur stole

Obsessed with the monochromatic fur stole

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

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Happy Holidays!! This edition of InstaGlam is dedicated to a fabulous fashionista I met at my brother’s birthday party.  Jocelyn looked absolutely incredible in leather and pleats, a stunning and unexpected combination.  Each aspect of her outfit was executed with flawless purpose, from her gold accessories to the blindingly neon shoes she was absolute perfection!  Jocelyn’s ensemble is also so fantastic because it is appropriate for many occasions and would be an absolute show stopper on New Years!

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I love the contrast between the leather and pleats and how fabulous is her mani!

I love the contrast between hard (leather) and soft (pleats).  The gold accents are also do die for.

Dress: unknown (similar-ish found here & here), Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar found here & here), Bracelet H&M (similar found here), Shoes: unknown (similar found here)

Dress: unknown (similar found here & here), Necklace: Forever 21 (similar found here & here), Bracelet H&M (similar found here & here), Shoes: Forever 21 (similar found here), Belt: unknown (similar found here)

She just looks beyond fab! And how amazing are her lips & mani.  Each element adds a unique pop!

She just looks beyond fab! And how amazing are her lips & mani. Each element adds a unique pop!

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Camo has made the most unexpected yet refreshing appearance this season.  A print normally found in the woods during hunting trips or on the battlefield has made its way onto fashionistas and red carpets.  Camo adds an air of indifference and ruggedness to each look acting as the perfect print to protect you from the chilly fall and winter winds.

surprising & successful pairing of pleats and camo

Photo courtesy of missmarushka.blogspot

the studs add edge to the already rugged look. i also love the red pop of color.

Photo courtesy of theyallhateus

layered perfection

Photo courtesy of carolinesmode

Jenna Lyons is red capet ready in her fabulous fur and camo ensemble

Photo courtesy of lovingmyjetlag.blogspot

so incredibly glam! the chanel pin is to die for and i’m obsessed with the belted jacket                                          and i love the way the belt is tied

Photo courtesy of atlantic-pacific

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Resort Wear

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend, which normally marks the end of summer.  However, (and please forgive me)  this post is my desperate attempt to cling to summer for as long as possible.  I just got back from Hawaii and wanted to share a bit of the fashion from my trip with you.  Resort wear is tricky, because it can be so limiting, only being worn on vacation and then it ends up monopolizing valuable real estate in your closet.  So for me, the important thing when shopping for a tropical vacation, is making sure the clothes can also be worn off the island, while having enough beach flair.  This is not always an easy balance to find, but is crucial when shopping on a budget!

I love this dress because it combines pleats & ruffles, which make it wonderfully beachy. The dark green also allows the dress to be worn during transition seasons with a fab cropped jacket.

Dress: Hunter Dixon, Shoes: Nine West (last season), Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Michael Kors, Accessories: Random Assortment

I absolutely love rompers and this one is so great because it is practically a blank canvas and you can take the look in any direction.

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories, especially when you’re in a tropical location. I love Ray Ban because they are always the original innovator of sunglasses designs. Sunglasses found here.

Romper: BCBGengeretion (found here), Shoes: DVF (last season), Purse: Gigee Marie (similar found here), Accessories: Random Assortment

The sunset is celebrated by ceremoniously lighting all the torches and blowing the conch shell. The wind was not working with us for this picture and my hair almost caught on fire!

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As I mentioned before, this is neon appreciation week…I’m hoping this catches on and becomes a national holiday.  Neon can seamlessly be integrated into your wardrobe resulting in eye catching fearless ensembles.  Scroll for blindingly fabulous inspiration.

casual neon sweatshirt paired perfectly with a pleated skirt and purple leather quilted purse

Photo courtesy of ashley-ringmybell

love the fullness of this skirt!

Photo courtesy of  fashionworship

completely obsessed with this dress

Photo courtesy of sarahannsharp.tumblr

loved the subtle hints of neon in this incredible pleated maxi impeccably paired with a leather jacket for a little edge

Photo courtesy of whippedstyle

fabulous full sheer bubble skirt paired with a simple neon blouse

Photo courtesy of thepinkpeonies

color blocking done right with neon

Photo courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot

in love!

Photo courtesy of theglitterguide.tumblr

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Mint Tingle

I am paler than pale so I was slightly terrified of mint.  Pastels and pale are never a good mix or so I thought.  I wasn’t fully ready to commit at first so I experimented with mint nail polish and fell in love!  Somehow mint actually made me look tanner…it was like magic!  Not only does mint go with pale, it actually works with a surprisingly broad spectrum of colors and textures.  So I challenge you, find the shade of mint that works best for you and embrace the official color of spring and add some mint to your wardrobe!

perfect mixture of sheer, neon, and mint.  i also love the layered necklaces

Photo courtesy of gudbjorglilja.blogspot

great texture combination

Photo courtesy of oneofeachblog

surprisingly wonderful color combination–pink, nude, mint

Photo courtesy of pinterest

i need this blazer! flawless mix of sophistication and edge

Photo courtesy of pinterest

feminine and fabulous

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

patent splash of mint

Photo courtesy of c.fellt.com

this is the easiest way to integrate mint into your look….i HIGHLY recommend it!

love me some rebecca minkoff–you could wear this with everything!

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

subtle color blocking

Photo courtesy of ashley-ringmybell

sheer and sequins…..simply the best

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

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