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Holiday Gift Guide

Day Three of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Dzifa (MrDzifs Tumblr)

Dzifa is the innovative blogger behind MrDzifs Tumblr.  Dzifa is always dressed to impress and is dashing in his preppy chic attire.  Obviously, if you haven’t already checked out Dzifa’s blog you must & dig through the archives of Garden of Glam and find his feature in the “work wear” post.

As a reminder, I have asked each contributor to share what’s on their wish list and give list this holiday season with the hope of making your holiday shopping a little easier.


Found here

Found here

Classic Ascot, Sturhling Original Men’s Watch.  The watch is very simple. I’ve bought a Sturhling watch in the past and what I love about them is they look pricey and stylish, but are still very affordable. The one I have has had no issues so far. 
This watch is fantastic & the style is in its simplicity!  This would be a perfect gift for a sibling, father, uncle, boyfriend (or girlfriend….I love wearing men’s watches), in law or good friend.  You can’t go wrong with a well made stylish watch.
Found here

Found here

Anchor Leather Belt by Vineyard Vines.  This belt has been on my list for some time now.  It’s the perfect way to be preppy yet a bit edgy. Everyone has a logo on their belt buckles these days. Its either the Hermes H, LV Louis or a Ferragamo buckle. Why not switch it up w/ an anchor? Plus the cognac leather is one of my favorites.
Such a cool take on the classic brown leather belt.  It is interesting and different, yet classic enough that it could be worn with anything!  This would be a great gift for a brother, father, boyfriend, uncle, or in law. 
Found here

Found here

Link Up, Bucket of Golf Ball Cufflinks.   The cufflinks are the perfect gift for you dad or uncle who’s an avid Golf player.  The perfect accessory to put on his shirt when going to work w/out being too flashy.

Cufflinks are a wonderful present for men who find themselves spending most of their time in suits or tuxedos.  Cufflinks are also great, because they allow you to add a subtle touch of personal style to your ensemble.  Not a fan of golf?  No problem, cufflinks come in many different styles acting as a true reflection of your taste.  For more cufflinks check these or these out.  As Dzifa said, these would be great for a father, uncle, in law, boyfriend or business associate.

Found here

Found here

This Sweater is perfect for the chilly weather.  The color will match pretty much anything in your closet, and its from ASOS, meaning it’s slim cut, which is perfect for me.

I am obsessed with this sweater!  I spend most of my fall and winter in search of the perfect cozy sweater and Dzifa found it!  This sweater is a great gift for anyone and everyone, father, brother, cousin, friend, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister….the list is endless.

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Working Girl


When viewing “wear to work” sections in magazines, I usually find myself overcome with a conflicting spectrum of emotions.  I feel confused, slightly appalled, and severely jealous, and I have to believe others feel the same way.  I actually laugh out loud when a “work wear” article features “professional shorts” paired with a bold blouse, sky high heels, and heavily layered accessories.  Yes, I wish I could wear that to work (hence the jealously), but if I ever did wear dressed up shorts or a mini or something sheer without a tank under it, I would be sent home immediately and an email would be sent to the entire office reminding everyone of the dress code.  Suffice it to say, I don’t know what audience the editors are catering to, but whoever it is it isn’t someone who works in an office with a strict business casual—with an emphasis on business—dress code.


I had a hard time adapting to office life.  My style and wardrobe used to represent two extremes: casual chic or runway ready, so initially I found the “business casual” guidelines to be quite stifling.  However, now, I have found a new balance in my wardrobe and style that I actually have work to thank for and I never thought I would say this, but I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to express myself stylistically within the confines of “business casual.”  Whether it’s a bold print, a little neon, conservative sheer, fringe, or color blocking, I have made work wear my own!


This post is compiled of a week long photo shoot Dzifa (my fashionable work friend and fellow blogger) and I did during our lunch breaks, as well as few snapshots I took of my boyfriend on the way to work, some random ensembles I enjoyed, and a photograph I took of a truly inspiring woman.


Thank you so much to Dzifa, Brandon, Kee-kee, and Marissa, this post would not have been possible without you! Also, please check out Dzifa’s blog at mrdzifs.tumblr.com!


Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet, Trousers: H&M, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Timex Weekender, Briefcase: Zara


Blazer: Theory, Blouse: Forever 21, Pants: Theory, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Necklace: Anthropologie, Watch: Michael Kors, Purse: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Adding a bold print or an exotic shoe is a great way to add flare to an outfit and really make it your own. I also love this blazer–adding a blazer to any outfit is the perfect way to polish off a look.

so dc

Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Trousers: Dockers, Belt: Vineyard Vines, Shoes: Minnetonka Mocassins, Briefcase: Zara, Watch: Timex Weekender, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Dress: Zara, Blazer: Zara, Necklace: Banana Republic, Shoes: BCBGirls, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag: Michael Kors

I love this dress 1. because it is perfect for every occasion 2. because the seams add edge to the femininity

A kind stranger on their lunch break took this pic for us

Blouse: Vintage, Pants: Aqua, Shoes: Bandolino, Necklace: Banana Republic, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: random assortment, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Trousers: H&M, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Timex Weekender

this is my favorite picture from the week! Dzifa, thank you so much for being so patient and for making the photoshoots so much fun!

Blouse: Zara, Tank under Blouse: Zara, Pants: Aqua, Shoes: J. Crew, Bag: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Shirt: Lands End Seersucker, Trousers: H&M, Belt: Vineyard Vines, Shoes: Minnetonka, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Timex Weekender, Briefcase: Zara

Suit: Luca, Shirt: Custom, Sunglasses: Oakley, Shoes: Magnanni, Belt: Remo Tulliani, Watch: Mougin & Piquard


perfect for spring

Photo courtesy of atlantic-pacific

i would definitely get some confused looks wearing this in the office but it would totally be worth it! what a fabulously bold suit!

Photo courtesy of musingsinfemininity

these shoes are the perfect height for work and for anyone on their feet all day…..the details are fabulous

Photo courtesy of www.saucyglossie.com

i LOVE the mixture of texture

Photo courtesy of nomnomblingbling.blogspot

so classic yet so modern

Photo courtesy of theglitterguide.tumblr

I had the pleasure of taking this incredible woman’s picture on my walk home from work one day. I love the androgynous suit and tie paired with her fabulous hair and shades. Jewell, you are gorgeous!

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