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Thanksgiving Fur

This post is dedicated to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  The key to dressing for success on Thanksgiving is embracing comfortable, stretchy clothes.  Go Try It On, one of my favorite fashion apps, asked me to put a Thanksgiving outfit together that is fabulous and forgiving of seconds. Every Thanksgiving my family goes around the table and says what they are thankful for and like every year, I am thankful for my family and friends.  I am thankful for their support, love, laughs, strength and traditions.  The moments I share with them mean everything!

I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving with loved ones and, of course, enjoyed extra helpings.

Vest: Adrienne Landau (last season, similar found here), Pants: BDG (old, similar found here), Shirt: Vanishing Elephant (found here), Shoes: Zara (old, similar found here), Bracelets: Random Assortment, some of which are Aldo and Urban Outfitters (found here and here), Watch: Michael Kors (found here), Necklaces: NaHoku & Gorjana (found here)

These pants are absolutely my favorite and I wear them with everything! They are also super stretchy which makes them perfect for Thanksgiving.

This shirt is another one of my favs. I love chambray and because this is a mens shirt it is the perfect amount of oversized.

A vest can completely transform a look and fur just takes it to another level.

Walking the pup

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Go Try It On

I am thrilled to announce Garden of Glam’s partnership with Go Try It On!  Go Try It On allows you to explore the social side of style and  follow your fav bloggers, brands, stores and anyone who has downloaded the fashionably innovative app.  With the app you can post stylish photos on the go of your outfits, street style pics, or simply a garment you are lusting over.  Go Try It On has created filters and frames that enhance the look of the picture and allow you to add a personal touch to each shot.  Once you have created a profile you are able to talk style with other users by commenting on ensembles and hearting your fav looks that are styled to perfection.  Most importantly, Go Try It On enables you to discover inspiration from anyone anywhere with a diverse world of style at your fingertips.  The most dangerous and fabulous aspect of Go Try It On is that it allows you to shop curated looks by featured users!

Whatever you do download the fabulous Go Try It On app on your iPhone and make sure to follow me, Garden of Glam, and obviously heart away!

**Disclaimer: I am still in the stone ages and do not have an iPhone yet so my posts will be infrequent until the 5 comes out, but don’t let that discourage you from following me (my profile is set up), because once I get the iPhone and no longer have to monopolize my boyfriends’ I will be posting like a fiend**

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