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Holiday Gift Guide (Day 5)

Day Five of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Taylor Barry Head Bread Baker for Jean-Georges

Taylor is one of my dearest friends and is a magnificent, wildly driven and talented pastry and bread chef.  Taylor is currently the head bread baker for Jean-Georges in NY, as well the primary ice cream and sorbet maker.  I was lucky enough to be Taylor’s roommate when she was in culinary school, and let me tell you, there is no better roommate than a pastry chef in training.  Taylor participated in last year’s Gift Guide and she was reader favorite, and I know this year will not be any different.


Gift Guide

Traditional Japanese Meal (get the ingredients here, here & here for delicious gourmet dishes)

“Ingredients to make a true japanese feast at home.  OK hear me out.  The holidays are the time of year when I allow myself to make some food splurges.  Ones that usually I’d have some financial guilt about.  But not in December.  This is time to indulge.  Right now I’m totally into asian cuisine.  This website carries everything I’ll need to elevate some of my simple weekly dinners into exciting meals packed with flavor.  My favorites are the Kewpie mayo and white miso.” – Taylor

Gift Guide

DAVIDsTEA (get it here)

“I love tea, especially chai.  Tis the season, so I’m out for something special.  David’s has fun packaging and some really cool combinations of flavors.  I’ve got my eye on “Chocolate Chili Chai”.  For $14.00, the 100 g bag comes with a free tin, and why not upgrade to a larger size!?  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna love it.” – Taylor

Gift Guide

Spiced Gingerbread Shampoo, Body Wash, & Body Wash (get it here)

“Delicious Body Wash from Philosophy.  My Mom used to give me a holiday scented lotion/body wash from this company every year in my Christmas stocking.  Buying it for myself now brings back those same happy memories.  And with my baker hours, waking up at 4:30 a.m. is a lot easier when the first thing I smell is gingerbread, eggnog, mulled wine, and rum cake just to name a few of the wonderful scents this company has to offer.  It’s a special treat and every girl can feel guilt free to over indulge in these products without the worry of gaining a single calorie!  So why not grab two flavors!  The best part is that the recipe for gingerbread cookies is on the bottle!  Like giving yourself two presents!” – Taylor


Gift Guide

Monogrammed Decanter (get it here)

“This is great for my dad, father-in-law, or any friend who appreciates a good vintage.   William Sonoma has a plethora of decanters for under $60.00.  We’re adults now right?  Why not give the gift that will impress them as well as their guests without breaking the bank.” – Taylor

Garden of Glam

Gift box from Mantry (get it here)

“A gift box for the gourmand!  MANTRY is for the foodie looking for the obscure high end products.  TREATSIE is for your sweet tooth, mostly old-fashioned hard to find goodies. HOMEGROWN COLLECTIVE offers a few projects each month like make your own vanilla extract or chocolate bon-bons.  All fun options and a nice departure from the gingerbread house.” – Taylor

Gift Guide

C. Wonder Monogrammed Tote (get it here)

“For my girl friend who throws great dinner parties.  Planning a great menu takes a lot of care and preparation on the part of the host.  Make him/her feel special by getting them a great personalized “grocery tote”.  Recently I was given a beautiful market bag and it makes food shopping feel somewhat luxurious and gets me excited to go home and cook even the simplest week nite meal.  This site also has plenty more items that you can personalize from holiday sweaters to tea cups.” – Taylor

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Holiday Gift Guide (Day 4)

Day Four of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Dzifa Ababio of Spotes for Esquires

Dzifa is the innovative blogger behind Spotes for Esquires, a blog that chronicles his incredibly dapper daily style as he works to dispel the nasty label that DC intellectuals don’t know how to dress.  Dzifa and I have collaborated in the past (check out our amazing Work Wear post together) and each time it has been fabulous! Dzifa’s wish and give lists are a complete reflection of his impeccable style and are wildly inspiring.


Gift Guide

Shibumi Suspenders (get it here)

“Suspenders from Shibumi Berlin for me. I’ve become very big on suspenders lately. They’re a great way of showcasing one’s sense of style without being too flashy. Thank God they’re not the clip on type.” – Dzifa

Gift Guide

Flygrip (get it here)

“We all like to hold our phones in one hand. This would eliminate any fear of dropping it. I’d like this so I can hold my phone without the case and not worry about dropping it. Let’s face it, Apple products don’t do well on concrete. ” – Dzifa


Gift Guide

IPA Beer Making Kit (get it here)

“This would be great for the beer loving friend. Make beer and then drink it. This is a great way to bond.” – Dzifa

Gift Guide

Wire Grip Organizer (get it here)

“Don’t you just hate unplugging your computer and watching your wires fall to the back of the desk? Here’s an easy fix for multiple wires.” – Dzifa

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Holiday Gift Guide (Day 3)

Day Three of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Cheralee Lyle of Miss Lyle Style

Cheralee is the fabulous blogger behind Miss Lyle Style, a blog the chronicles the life and style of a South African beauty who has been transplanted to the US, specifically DC, although there is a lot of NY love represented on Miss Lyle Style.  Cheralee is wonderfully adventurous with her style and an incredibly genuine lady.  And her eclectic style is perfectly represented in her wish and give list this year.


GIft Guide

Rebecca Minkoff “Amourous” Satchel (get it here)

“Perfect everyday tote, gorgeous rich colors- I would love the red. Monogrammed with a ‘C’ please!” – Cheralee


Gift Guide

Herschel Heritage Backpack (get it here)

“Herschel makes timeless and cool, great quality backpacks and bags that you will want to borrow from your boy.” – Cheralee

Gift Guide

Custom Vintage Hand Painted Necklace (get it here)

“Give a loved one an extra special gift this Christmas, a custom hand painted necklace by indie designer Jen Hoodenpyle. I own one of her masterpieces and get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it.” – Cheralee

Gift Guide

World Mirror Set (get it here)

“A great gift for the home that could work in a variety of spaces and decor styles.” – Cheralee

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Holiday Gift Guide (Day 2)

Day Two of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Ryan Payne of Bang Salon

Today’s guest gift giver is Ryan Payne, my incredible hair stylist who is stationed at Bang Metropole.  Ryan participated in last year’s gift guide and did a “how to 1920’s wave” hair tutorial with me for the Inauguration.  Ryan is basically the hair whisperer and is able to work his magic on my untamable locks.  He also coached me through chopping off my hair and I never would have trusted anyone else to do it.  I was obsessed with Ryan’s incredibly thoughtful give and wish list last year and this year is no exception!


Gift Guide

Jawbone UP24 (get it here)

“The Jawbone Up24 is perfect for someone who wants to get into shape and needs a little motivation.  Also keeps track of your progress and you can check on your friends progress from an app you download on your smart phone.  No one would guess it’s a fitness bracelet because of its stylish appearance.” – Ryan

Garden of Glam

1 Face Watch (get it here)

“The 1 Face Watch is a watch which supports other good causes with every purchase.  With ever purchase you could help stop hunger, provide cancer or aids treatments, or even water or education for someone.  It’s a wonderful gift for anyone and it keeps on giving.”  – Ryan


Gift Guide

Jambox (get it here)

“The Jambox by Jawbone is a wireless speaker which is controlled by your smart phone using bluetooth.  Great for anyone who likes to listen to quality sound music or throw a house party.  It gives out the best sound I have ever heard from a portable speaker and I know this because I also own one.  They have a ton of colors and textures to choose from or you can customize your own.” – Ryan

Gift Guide

Big Green Eggs (get it here)

“Don’t be fooled by the name, The Big Green Egg is an all in one outdoor cooker which can be used to grill, as an oven, or better yet as a smoker.  The website has a lot of recipes you can try or just do your own experiments.  I heard about this item through a client who raved about it.  Perfect for that man in the house who likes to grill out watching a football game or anyone who wants to take part in Sunday fun day.” – Ryan

Gift Guide

Cloud Camera (get it here)

“The D-link Cloud camera 1150 is a wireless security camera with night vision and motion detection.  This camera can be viewed and controlled using an app you can download onto your smart phone.  This is perfect for watching that new nanny or even watching your pup to make sure she’s on your nice list and not your naughty list.” – Ryan

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Holiday Gift Guide (Day 1)

The Holiday Season has arrived! It is finally December and I can (without judgment) start celebrating, decorating, present shopping and wrapping.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! So to make things a little more wonderful for you guys and with the help of some uber fabulous bloggers, fashionistas, chefs & DC stars I present you with Garden of Glam’s Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide.  Each day Garden of Glam will host a different contributor who will share their wish list and give list with me (and you) in an attempt to inspire and ease your holiday shopping.  So sit back and relax and let Garden of Glam act as your compass as you navigate your way through this holiday season.

Day One of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

To start off the Holiday Gift Guide I turned to the lovely Carlis Sanchez.  Carlis is half of the dynamic duo that makes up Spicy Candy.  Spicy Candy is absolutely one of my favorite blogs that is endlessly inspiring.  I am beyond obsessed with Carlis’ wish & give lists, which is not surprising because Carlis has an impeccable, adventurous and eclectic sense of style.  She is a girl after my own heart, not to mention she is the best brunch date.


Gift Guide

Peaked Lapel Cape (get it here)

“Say hello to my dream cape! It’s been on my wish list since I saw it on Aliza Litch the DKNY girl her self. It’s so chic and I really hope it finds its way to my closet soon. 😉 ” – Carlis


Ultralight Multi Wheel Suitcase (get it here)

“Next year I plan to do a lot of traveling and the suitcase I have is literally falling apart and screaming to be replaced! This Rimowa ice blue suitcase is exactly what I need and def on my wish list. ” – Carlis

Garden of Glam

Urbio Magnetic Modular System Components (get it here)

“I’m working on building a little office space in my living room and after visiting the container store a few weeks ago, I discovered the Urbio magnetic modular system components and what I need to keep my little office space organized.” – Carlis


Garden of Glam

Personalized Placemats (get it here)

“I’m so excited to give my nephews their new personalized plates and placemats! This is such a cute and thoughtful idea. If you know of a friend who has kids, I think this would make a thoughtful gift for them.” -Carlis

Garden of Glam

Philosophy Shave Kit (get it here)

“I plan on giving this Philosophy shaving kit to my brother. It’s also perfect for your father, husband or guy friend. It has all the essentials to keep any man looking fresh!” – Carlis

Holiday Gift Guide

iPhone Photo Printer (get it here)

“This awesome iPhone photo printer has been ordered for my mommy. She misses the days where we used to print photos. This will also encourage her to use her iPhone more often! 😉 This gift is perfect for any member of your family or friend with an iPhone that loves photography. I want one too!!” – Carlis

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