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White Hot Shopping List

This summer is white hot, which means you can look hot while staying cool!  It is that time of year when you go outside and it is so hot that it feels like your skin might actually melt off and the only thing you can talk to anyone about is how hot it is outside.  Hence a post dedicated to the heat and a summer trend that might just help keep you cool.  White is in for summer and I am trying a new thing on Garden of Glam today and featuring a shopping section of some fabulous lust worthy pieces! So scroll and enjoy and shop your heart out!

white lace

Found here

cover up

Found here


Found here

white blazer

Found here

fit & flare

Found here

white dress

Found here

white tee

Found here


Found here

white pump

Found here


Found here

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So yes, it’s true, Hunger Games has completely taken over my life.  So as a tribute (ha) to Katniss Everdeen I am dedicating a post to her signature look, a braid.  A braid is the perfect way to deal with unruly hair, is always on trend, and easy to integrate into any do.

simple and on trend

Photo courtesy of russiandesolation.wordpress.com

definitely more of a twist, but mirrors the amazingness of a braid. this is perfect for casual or formal

Photo courtesy of realbeautyreporter.com

classic french braid

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr.com

Blake Lively at the Green Lantern premiere

subtle and interesting

Photo courtesy of blogs.babble.com

so angelic

love the look, love the messy braid

Photo courtesy of thepursuitaesthetic.tumblr


Photo courtesy of dreamanddress.com


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