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A Healthy Summertime Treat

The 4th of July goes hand in hand with celebrating!  It is America’s birthday after all and I take birthdays very seriously!  While the nighttime is dedicated to fireworks, the daytime is for barbecuing, picnicking, pool/beach time and tanning….really just parties all around.  When attending these festive celebrations (obviously dressed in red, white and blue) make sure to contribute to the party with more than just your presence.  Bring a side dish as a gift for the host (alcohol is also always a good option)!  Today’s post is dedicated to a delicious dish you can bring to any party you attend this summer.  Quinoa is the latest obsession in my apartment.  It is not only delicious and easy to make, it is healthy, which makes it the perfect summertime snack!  Scroll for mouth watering pics and the easiest recipe I have posted yet.


Some of the delicious ingredients: cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion.

Home grown basil.  Mom, aren't you so proud!

Home grown basil. Mom, aren’t you so proud!

red onion

Finely chopping the red onion.

Quinoa salad

Adding the avocado

Quinoa salad

Mixing in the black beans


Finished Product! Avocado, Tomato, Black Bean Quinoa Salad


6 cups of cooked Quinoa

1 pint of grape tomatoes

1 can of black beans (drained)

½ cup of  chopped red onion

2 Avocados

6 Basil leaves

½ lemon

2 cups of feta



How to

This recipe is SUPER easy! Cook the quinoa (follow instructions on the package.  This will take around 20 minutes).  After quinoa is cooked, let it cool and refrigerate while prepping the other ingredients.  Cut grape tomatoes in half, finely chop half a red onion, finely chop basil leaves, chop avocado, and strain black beans.  Mix all ingredients.  Squeeze the half lemon over the salad and salt & pepper to taste.

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Stars and Stripes

Summer is here and America’s Birthday is quickly approaching!  I always believe in dressing up for the occasion and the 4th of July is no exception.  This Thursday I encourage everyone to break out all of their red, white and blue gear and mix and match to your delight!  Fingers crossed the rain decides to take a break long enough for the sun to shine through leaving us with a clear night sky for optimal fireworks viewing.  While my plans are still TBD because the April showers have decided to last until mid summer, one thing I do know is that festive garb is a must for the day.


Obsessed with this bold red ensemble!

Photo courtesy of What Do I Wear

4th of July

It doesn’t get any more festive than this

Photo courtesy of Lolobu


I am digging the suspenders and of course loving the stripes

Photo courtesy of The Cult of Style


Rocking an American flag bandana is an easy way to show your patriotism

Photo courtesy of Obaz


monochromatic perfection

Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

red suit

This stylish Brit is ready to celebrate in her radiant red suit

Photo courtesy of Ashley Ring My Bell

4th of July

For the mor timid this subtle yet patriotic ensemble is excellent

Photo courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

American Flag

Happy 4th of July!

Photo courtesy of Junne Bugg

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