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Find your summer pinspiration

While we are sadly reaching the last few weeks of summer, this does not mean you cannot continue to be inspired by the exuberance that defines this fabulous time of year.  I normally cling to summer with all of my might wearing shorts even when it is slightly too chilly to do so, but I mean who can blame me.  Summer is such a magical time of year, who wouldn’t want to hold onto it as long as possible!  As a child you covet these months of freedom and carefree bliss and I think that stays with you as you mature and get older.  The excitement surrounding summer and the endless possibilities influence everything in my life and my blog is no exception.  Ashley, Natalie and Erika threw the end of summer Blogger Scene party last week and asked what pins inspired you, your blog and your style this summer.  I always find it interesting to see what inspires others and the effect it has on their creative process.  This compilation of pinspirations is the ultimate guide to summer style and a sneak peek into the psyche of local bloggers (mine included!).


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It’s that time of year, yes you guessed it, it’s jorts time…also known as the best time of year!  Finally, jorts are appropriate for all occasions, ok not really all occasions but they are no longer reserved for backyard barbecues and instead can be dressed up and classed up with blazers, heels, blouses, or fab accessories.  Yes, it is finally summer!

minty fresh jorts combo–perfect for chilly nights on the beach

Photo courtesy of misszeit

loving the incredible blazer and accessories and of course the cut off jorts

Photo courtesy of manrepeller


Photo courtesy of fashionworship

jorts and heels pulled off flawlessly

Photo courtesy of streetstrut

love me some studs

Photo credit unknown

ashley, you stole my heart with this outfit! Absolute perfection!

Photo courtesy of ashley-ringmybell

my uniform

Photo courtesy of thesartorialist

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