Holiday Gift Guide (Day 10)

Day Ten of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring me!

Today is the final day of my holiday Gift Guide and it has been a wild and inspiring ride.  I hope you have enjoyed the gift guide as much as I have and have been inspired by my incredible guests and their creative, unique, and swoon worthy wish and give lists.  The downside to compiling this gift guide is that my wish list has tripled, but on the upside this shopping season has been relatively stress free.

Thank you so much to all of my amazing collaborators! This absolutely would not have been possible without you!  Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


Evil Eye

Evil Eye Necklace (get it here)

I am incredibly superstitious and very rarely leave myself without an evil eye on.  I love layering necklaces and this gorgeous necklace with a sapphire center is the perfect every day staple.  I honestly can’t get enough of the evil eye, check this ring out too!

Gift Guide

Custom Stationery (get it here)

I must say, this is the most surprising and most practical item on my wish list.  I have handwritten many letters recently and would love to have custom stationery to write these letters and notes on.  Especially as “thank you note” season is approaching this would be perfect!  This stationery is gorgeous and affordable!

Leather Pants

Leather Pants (get them here and the faux & equally beautiful alternative here)

I have been lusting over a good pair of leather pants for years and this season I feel I simply must add them to my wardrobe! They are versatile and elevate any ensemble!  I just love leather (& faux leather) and love any alternative to jeans.

Gift Guide

Belt Bag (get it here)

The fanny pack is back and I couldn’t be happier! I love a good fanny or belt bag and this one from Blair Ritchey (a local designer) is absolute perfection!  I also love her keychains and messenger bag.



DC Artwork by Brooklyn Made Store (get it here)

I am absolutely in love with Brooklyn Made’s unique and DC-centric artwork.  I met Mina (the artist) at District Flea and it took everything in me not to buy all of her artwork!  I already have one of her pieces in my office and commissioned a custom piece as a gift.  Mina is at the Downtown Holiday Market during the week and will also be at Eastern Market.  You can also visit her Etsy page.

Gift Guide

SodaStream (get it here)

I am obsessed with fizzy water!  This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves sparkling water and will really be a huge money saver for them in the long run!  I use mine daily.

Gift Guide

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks (get it here)

Besides loving fizzy water, I love a cold drink.  These are the perfect gift, because they keep your drink chilled without diluting it.  They also look pretty awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide (Day 10)

  1. Vivi says:

    I need some good ol’ leather pants in my life, as well. But I’m very much interested in those whiskey rocks. Gonna click the link once I’m done typing this comment. *laughs*

    Meanwhile, nice meeting you at the She’s Unique trunk show event last night. :o)

  2. Sadie says:

    Love your list! I use my whiskey rocks often…they are the best!

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