Holiday Gift Guide (Day 4)

Day Four of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide featuring Dzifa Ababio of Spotes for Esquires

Dzifa is the innovative blogger behind Spotes for Esquires, a blog that chronicles his incredibly dapper daily style as he works to dispel the nasty label that DC intellectuals don’t know how to dress.  Dzifa and I have collaborated in the past (check out our amazing Work Wear post together) and each time it has been fabulous! Dzifa’s wish and give lists are a complete reflection of his impeccable style and are wildly inspiring.


Gift Guide

Shibumi Suspenders (get it here)

“Suspenders from Shibumi Berlin for me. I’ve become very big on suspenders lately. They’re a great way of showcasing one’s sense of style without being too flashy. Thank God they’re not the clip on type.” – Dzifa

Gift Guide

Flygrip (get it here)

“We all like to hold our phones in one hand. This would eliminate any fear of dropping it. I’d like this so I can hold my phone without the case and not worry about dropping it. Let’s face it, Apple products don’t do well on concrete. ” – Dzifa


Gift Guide

IPA Beer Making Kit (get it here)

“This would be great for the beer loving friend. Make beer and then drink it. This is a great way to bond.” – Dzifa

Gift Guide

Wire Grip Organizer (get it here)

“Don’t you just hate unplugging your computer and watching your wires fall to the back of the desk? Here’s an easy fix for multiple wires.” – Dzifa

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