1920s Glam Hair “How To”

To achieve the 1920’s glam wave I turned to my incredible hairstylist, Ryan Payne, to help me out.  (Ryan was also one of the wonderful contributors to the Holiday Gift Guide.)  My hair has a life of its own and is definitely the dominant one in the relationship, so in order to achieve perfection I knew I would need some guidance.  The tricks to achieving the coveted waves are the proper tools and a lot of hairspray.  After Ryan’s tutorial I now feel confident that I can do this on my own and can’t wait to try it soon!  I also wanted to give a very special thank you to Ryan who completed my look for the Blacktie & Boots Ball, and if you are in need of the most wonderful hair stylist make an appointment with him at Bang Salon in Logan Circle.


 Curling Wand or Curling Iron

 Hairspray (Ryan recommends Redken Heat Styling Thermo Actif Hot Sets 22)

 Hairs Clips

 Bobby Pins

The tools

The tools

How to:

Heat up curling wand (Ryan recommends a 1 inch barrel, keep in mind the size of the barrel will correspond to the size of the curls).  You can also use a curling iron, but do NOT clamp hair, it will not give you the desired effect!

Part hair, to get the 1920s glam look give yourself an exaggerated side part, this will also help give you a little more volume around your face.

Take a section of hair that is about the same size as the barrel so in this case 1 inch (for looser curls use bigger sections).  Try to make sections as even as possible.

Beginning of the curling process

Make sections as even as possible

Spritz section with hairspray and comb through with your fingers.

Hairspray Hairspray Hairspray

Hairspray Hairspray Hairspray

Start wrapping hair at the root and pull tightly after each wrap.  Make sure to wrap hair all the way to the end, this will ensure smooth ends (this might get a little hot so you might need to wear a curling glove).

Hold hair around wand for a couple of seconds then remove wand and clip curl to your head.

Start curling at the root and work your way down to the ends

Start curling at the root and work your way down to the ends

Repeat until entire head is curled and clipped.  As you get closer to the top of your head don’t start at the root, instead leave a little space.  (PS this totally doubles as an arm work out)

All clipped and ready to go

All clipped and ready to go

Once your entire head is curled and clipped remove clips, starting with the sections curled first.

Gently comb through and pull pieces with your fingers.

**Disclaimer: curls will need time to relax and fall so don’t panic if looks curlier than you initially anticipated!!  This also means you must start the process on the earlier side, how early depends on your hair.**

Very tight curls before they have relaxed

Very tight curls before they have relaxed

About an hour after you have removed all the clips (again this depends on your hair) start to gently comb through curls with your fingers and arrange to one side.

Secure one sided do with a couple of bobby pins.  The trick to concealing the bobby pin is to slide the pin back up into the hair in the opposite direction the hair is going.  This will also ensure a strong hold.

Once you are finished give your do a generous spritz of hairspray and voila, you’re ready!

The finished product

The finished product


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