Holiday Gift Guide

Day Thirteen of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Staci (costume designer)

Staci is one of my most creative and driven people I know.  The first modeling I ever did was for Staci’s look book for one of her design classes in college and wow was I bad, luckily Staci’s clothes were so fabulous you didn’t notice the awkward model in them. (To clarify the second modeling I did was for my blog–few improvements have been made).  Staci is currently the Assistant Costume Designer on the star studded “Winter’s Tale” and before that was the Assistant Costume Designer for Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah.”  She has also worked on “Men in Black 3,” “Mildred Pierce,” “American Gangster,” and worked side by side with Academy Award winner Janty Yates.  Staci’s talent and innovation help give insight into the characters she dresses.


Found here

Found here

Subscription to a wine club.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving and there are different selections depending upon your taste.

I absolutely love this idea and have actually given it as a wedding gift before.  Perfect for wine connoisseurs, really anyone who enjoys wine or people that do a lot of hosting.

Found here

Found here

Tsovet QS Men’s Watch.  I love accessories that are inspired by menswear, especially pieces inspired by classic menswear, which is always sexy on a woman.  I am drawn to the combination of the cognac leather band with the contrasting stitching and the graphite face of the watch.  Additionally, it’s oversized and I love that the stones add a touch of femininity and refinement.  Not to mention it’s waterproof!  In an industry like mine, which is more nitty gritty than glamorous, function meeting fashion makes this a great find for me.

Staci is a girl after my own heart–I love androgynous clothing and oversized accessories!  This watch is gender neutral and would be perfect for a parent, significant other or sibling.


Found here

Found here

Emerald Glass Desk Set.  I love getting gifts for people that they likely wouldn’t buy themselves.  If it’s a matter of practicality over want, I’ll go with “want” every time, this one just happens to be both.

Such beautiful, classic and practical pieces.  My dad actively uses a magnifying glass as his vision fades making this a wonderful gift for him.  Perfect for a co-worker, friend, parent, significant other, in law, or aunt/uncle.

Found here

Found here

Faliero Sarti Mory Scarf.  This subtly metallic scarf feels festive and perfectly seasonal for the holiday.

Scarves are one of my go to presents! I have a million scarves and I still feel like I don’t have enough!  They can elevate and outfit to a new level and of course keep you warm.  Scarves are wonderful and thoughtful gender neutral presents.  Check out this men’s scarf, that would also looking amazing on a woman.  Scarves are also a great present because you can find them at different price points.  Perfect for a friend, parent, aunt/uncle, in law, sibling, roommate, co-worker, or significant other.

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