Holiday Gift Guide

Day Twelve of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Tony & Sadiki (Gentlemen’s Brim)

Tony and Sadiki are the dapper men behind Gentlemen’s Brim, which is a blog dedicated to effortless, sharp, dynamic menswear.  Their styles are classic yet have a certain edge to them and are simply to die for!  Each post contains innovative combinations that look straight out of GQ, but are more relatable and real.  Stay tuned for future collaborations with Gentlemen’s Brim.

As a reminder, I have asked each contributor to share what’s on their wish list and give list this holiday season with the hope of making your holiday shopping a little easier.


Found here

Found here

Homemade Gin Kit.  Why not! It’s a no brainer. Who needs Boardwalk Empire, Moonshiners, or even Sons of Anarchy when you can become your own bootlegger in the convenience of your own home!

This kit is so amazing and perfect for the adventurous drinker in your life.  Great for a significant other, sibling, parent or aunt/uncle.

Found here

Found here

Multi Tool.  Having a multi tool is great especially if you are stranded somewhere, you never know when you might need this.  

I’m definitely not a handy person, but know that his would be perfect for any handy-man or woman in your life.  Great for a dad, mom, uncle, aunt, brother, sister or in law.  Also check out this nifty tool recommended by Gentlemen’s Brim.

Found here

Found here

Jack Black, Turbo Wash.  Jack Black’s Turbo Wash washes your daily stresses and grime away.  It also leaves the bathroom smelling fresh.

I love giving products to men, because I find they don’t typically buy nice products for themselves, when some things are really worth the splurge!  This would be great for a friend, boyfriend, dad, uncle, roommate or cousin.


Found here

Found here

Interchangeable Watch Straps.  Arm yourself with an assortment of watch bands and you now have as many watches as the amount of bands you can count.

This is such a great idea and an easy and affordable way to help someone expand their watch collection.  In need of the base watch?  Check this one out.  I love wearing men’s watches so this is a gender neutral present.  Perfect for a friend, roommate, significant other or sibling.

Found here

Found here

Chemex Coffee Maker.  Personally I have always been attracted to the design of this classic 1941 coffee creation by Peter Schlumbohm.

This coffee maker is so sleek and fabulous!  Wonderful gift for a friend, co-worker, significant other, in law, aunt, uncle, cousin or parent.

Found here

Found here

Branch Earphone Splitter.  I have this gift in mind for my twin sister because people like to listen to what she has on her mp3 player.  This way she can share.

Um yes please!  This has been added to my wish list!  Just this weekend, my boyfriend and I had to share a set of head phones on the train to NY, which was fine but obviously the sound quality was degraded.  These are a perfect stocking stuffer and great for anyone in your life!  Also, check out these super cute headphones that are also on Tony’s give list.

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