Holiday Gift Guide

Day Eight of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Dan (Marketing Director for Etre)

Dan is the Marketing and Press Director for Etre, a clothing line that draws its inspiration from traditional British workwear.  Etre looks to the best time-tested solutions from the past, as well as pioneering innovative techniques.  Each piece is lovingly crafted in the British Isles, using ethically sourced, time-honored British materials.

As a reminder, I have asked each contributor to share what’s on their wish list and give list this holiday season with the hope of making your holiday shopping a little easier.


found here

Found here

YMC Navajo Umbrella.  Given the poor weather that we’ve been experiencing in the UK this year this is at the top of my wish list.  Like our AW12 collection, London Undercover has Britishness at its core and has returned the umbrella to its rightful position as a fashion accessory.

An umbrella is such a great an unexpected gift! It is incredibly practical and thoughtful and perfect for both genders.  I never want to spend much on umbrellas so always end up with the cheapo ones that turn inside out with the slightest breeze.  A well made umbrella is necessary, but isn’t something people typically buy for themselves.  Check out this purse friendly vibrant umbrella! Great for a friend, roommate, significant other, parent, sibling, in law, aunt, uncle….anyone!


Found here

Found here

 Etre Touchy  or Five Point Wool Gloves. Our Etre FIVEPOINT gloves have been designed specifically for use with touchscreen devices. Thanks to their special contactwoven® fingertips, they do what other gloves don’t: They let you use devices without having to take them off.  The Etre Touchy gloves have missing thumb and index fingertips to provide additional dexterity. They have proven popular not only with mobile phone users, but with photographers, portable videogame players, e-reader/Amazon Kindle users and the visually impaired (who use them to read Braille in wintry conditions).

Gloves are crucial for surviving winter and these are perfect because they still allow you to use mobile devices!  Gloves are on my wish list every year!  These would be perfect for significant others, parents, friends or really anyone that you need to buy a present for.

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