Holiday Gift Guide

Day five of Garden of Glam’s Holiday Gift Guide: Taylor (Pastry Chef at Jean Georges in NYC)

Taylor is the pastry chef & bread baker at Jean Georges in NYC, moonlights at Sullivan St. Bakery and was the pastry sous chef at 2941.  Taylor and I were roommates when she was a student at L’Academie de Cuisine and let me tell you it was a delicious (and fattening) time of my life.  Taylor is always experimenting in the kitchen and on the forefront of all things delicious.

As a reminder, I have asked each contributor to share what’s on their wish list and give list this holiday season with the hope of making your holiday shopping a little easier.


Found here

Found here

Gift Certificate to LeSanctuaire.  Most incredible online website for culinary needs.  The Barneys of all dry goods.  Specific wants: jar of togarashi (to spice up my ramen), bottle of white truffle oil (to put on my popcorn), and some Agar Agar (for the ultimate jello shot…or just some nice panna cotta)

I’m no iron chef, but I do like to experiment in the kitchen (and by that I mean closely follow a recipe) and everything on this site looks amazing.  Adding truffle oil to popcorn sounds positively delicious and I think it has just made its way onto my wish list.  A gift certificate to this site would be perfect for anyone in your life that likes to cook.

Found here

Found here

Sticky Toffee Pudding from the English Pudding Co.  Now a tradition in my family.  We always order from this company for the holidays.  Literally you will become addicted.  Best thing in the world!
I can tell from the picture that I am going to be completely addicted to this toffee and I haven’t even tried it…..seriously dangerous!  Sticky toffee is perfect for a loved one, co-worker, in law or would be a great gift for a host of a holiday party.
Found here

Found here

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi.  Just like his previous books, this one is all vegetarian.  Good way to eat absolutely delicious recipes while staying healthy for the new year.  It also doubles as a great coffee table book, wonderful food photography.
Wow, this looks scrumptious! Great gift for experienced chefs or people just getting their bearings in the kitchen.  I also love the idea of having a cookbook double as a coffee table book.
Found here

Found here

JB Prince, Flexipan Regular Muffin Mold.  This can be used to bake in the oven, or put in the freezer.  You can bake small cakes, mold ice creams, mold mousses, build layered cakes, individual cheesecakes or try something savory like nest of potato stix, fricco, molded pates, lettuce cups, etc.  The flexipan is super durable and flexible.  Best baking gift you could give!
If Taylor says this is the best baking gift you can give I believe her, she is the queen of the kitchen!  This is perfect for a veteran or newbie to the kitchen: parents, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, cousin, roommate, ANYONE.

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