Neon is everywhere! It’s like a fabulous homage to the 90s, but with better execution.  Because I grew up in the 90s and love neon this week is dedicated to neon.  Neon is anything but subtle and that is what’s so wonderful about it.  Some might fear neon because of its blinding brightness, but this is the exact reason to embrace it.  Whether you choose neon accessories or clothes, by donning neon your look instantly becomes an eye catching show stopper.  Oh and did I mention, neon makes you look more tan!

Top: Staring at Stars (Old), Pants: AG for Anthropologie, Shoes: Aqua (found here), Watch: Michael Kors, Rings & Bracelets: Random Assortment, Necklace: Na’Hoku, Sunglasses: Loft (found here), Purse (in the background): Rebecca Minkoff

These pants are my fav because they are super comfortable, blinding, and can easily be dressed up or down…perfect for every occasion, almost!

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