Studs are the perfect way to add a little edge to your look.  An accessory that once belonged exclusively to bikers and punks can now easily be integrated into any outfit!  From hardcore leather jackets to subtle bangles to flashy flats, studs are for EVERYONE!

I LOVE the intensity of this jacket, yet it still seems so accesible.

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I love anything backless and the studs just take the dress to a new level

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MK Olsen with Alexander Wang's Coco Mini Studded Bag. This bag is my current obsession! Mr. Wang, you are a genius! MK, you're pretty fab too!

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I love the exaggerated stud bracelet--perfect in every way

Photo courtesy of fashiion-gone-rouge.tumblr

Fur + studs = fabulous! I love the quick peak of studs that only layered perfection can offer

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Simply fab!

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

Wonderfully edgy! I love it all--the tan leather, studs, sharp black heel combination. This look is fearless!

Photo courtesy of imachicnation.blogspot

Sam Edelman Adena Flats--I die for these

I love the juxtaposition of a classic trench and studded sleeves. What an unexpected and flawless combination

Photo courtesy of fashiion-gone-rouge.tumblr

I LOVE the accessory combination here! Also, any of these pieces would be lovely if worn alone.

Photo courtesy of imbluee.tumblr

Perfect spring pant!

Photo courtesy of misszeit.tumblr

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