Fur is definitely not for everyone, but I LOVE it!  To me, fur just screams luxury and for those that love the look, but are friends of PETA there are plenty of amazing faux furs out there.  I know it might seem weird to have a fur post on the verge of spring, but one of the things I love about fur (real or faux) is that you can do so much with it and integrate it into your look and wardrobe in so many different ways!  Especially as it starts warming up outside, but is a little too chilly to wear the little dress you might want to, all you have to do is throw on a fur coat, vest, or stole and you are instantly chilly spring appropriate.

Love the unexpected fur army green combination

Photo courtesy of refinery29

Wonderful combination of nudes, the nudes and fabric also make this look perfect for spring! And the bag is amazing!

Photo courtesy of prettylittlewildfox.tumblr

The fur coat makes this already fabulous outfit even more fab. You can't go wrong with black on black and the shoes are incredible!

Loving the raspberry dress and what a unique way to integrate fur into an outfit! So creative and different!

Photo courtesy of garypeppervintage.blogspot

I mean I can't have a fur post without Rachel Zoe..she is the queen of fur and daring style! RZ, I love you!

Pleats and leather and fur oh my....so much style happening in one look. Loving the stole!

Photo courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

Rosie Huntington Whiteley....simply fabulous!

Photo courtesy of studdedhearts.blogspot.com

Vest: Adrienne Landau, Pants: BDG, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Zara (last season), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Bag: Michael Kors, Watch: Michael Kors, Accessories: totally random assortment

 Photos courtesy of Brandon Jenkins…thank you for being so patient and wonderful! 

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  1. premal says:

    LOVE this site! the photos are amazing.

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